I had uploaded the mp3 version of Maestro Ilayaraaja’s Speech in http://raaja.alittleaway.net/events.php.

my brother and I listened to it for a few times and yesterday night we were discussing about that.

In that speech, Raaja said “In my busy days, I was working from morning 7 to night 11, and even after I go home, I used to wake up in the night once in a while and write down the notes that flow through my mind. I was waking up at 4 o clock in the morning to go to T V Gopala Krishnan’s house, to learn carnatic music in proper. It was unnecessary for me to wake up so early and learn the music. I was already over booked with so many films and people are ready to listen whatever I composed, but even then it was my passion that drove me to try and learn the music.”

The thing that puzzled me was the word unnecessary and I was asking my brother, “learning more about music, how will that become unnecessary for a composer ?”

He was saying “You should look into that in a different sense. You feel like you are settled now. you have a job. you are earning a good salary. whatever you write is considered as ‘code’ and there is no one to ask you why you coded in this way or that way. Still there are so many things in the programming world that you do not know. do you wake up at 4′ O Clock to learn those. ?”

well, this is a valid point I think. Do I really have the passion and drive ?
Is it not the one that is needed for one to go up further ?
what are your thoughts ? leave me a comment !

Thanks !

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  1. BALA SINGAM says:

    Hi Sadish,
    Is there speech still available?

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