I have been waiting to write this post since last week, but couldnt manage to do that.

Last week, My brother came home with an idea to collect the signature and support of people for the Tsunami Relief Fund.
The Idea is to go to the nearby Train Station (He usually takes the train for commute to his work), in the morning rush-hours and collect the possible donations from people.

We sat down and prepared the Flyer content , printed it and made hundreds of copies.
The Flyer explained in detail, how any one can help the Tsunami Victims, by sending money by Check / Money Order / Credit Card. Its basically the same info as in http://simpleinside.com /helpindia/

We went to the station and distributed it to the people. We did not particularly ask for donations. We collected the donations and signatures from people who really came on their own, to donate to this cause, through us.

Today I have made a Money Order(MO) towards “Prime Ministers National Relief Fund” (The Bank Manager waived the bank fee for the MO. Its so nice of her.)

There were so many Kind People, so many that It would fill up the whole space on this blog.

I would like to mention about one kind lady who works as a cleaner in the station.

She is a Spanish-speaking Mexican lady, who doesnt even speak good english. but she understood what we were saying to each one of them and came up voluntarily to donate all the money she had with her at that time.

She didnt stop at that. She went and talked with other spanish people around the station and made them donate too.
She brought a few construction workers, who put all the coins from their pocket.
She went to the Dunkin Donuts shop in the station and talked something in Spanish and made them donate too…

The money she gave might be worth small, her gesture is worth millions.

If we are able to get nearly thousand dollars as MO, within 2 days of time that we spent on the station building, It would have never been possible without those kind hearts.

Our Thanks to each one of you, who did the best they can, to help the victims of the Tsunami.

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