“Yep, He definitely looks like him”

Bob was telling Bill, as he came forward to take a closer look at him. Both Bob and Bill are the security agents for the country’s investigation center.
They were standing behind Srinivasan, a guy from India who is working as a computer engineer in this country.

Srini is clueless about what these guys are talking about and was having that puzzled look in his face, quite similar to the look of the broiler chicken that is ready to be cut.

All these were happening on a public place, where the agents have asked Srini to come over. This meeting was planned a day before itself, and since then Srini has never slept.
He has been thinking of so many possibilities about why he might have ended up in the agents list.

Something inside of him has started to question him.
He had started to talk with himself.

He : “May be is it because I make too many phone calls to India ? do they think I am trafficking something from India ?”

Himself : “No No…they wont know who I call in India, they only know I call a toll free number here quite often” .

He: “hey come on, how long it takes for them to tap your phone calls ? ”

Himself : “but then they would have listened to all the ‘sweet nothings’ I talk with my girlfriend and that should have removed me from the list”

He : “oh thats right , may be you took a lot of money from the bank as cash, the bank would have informed it to them”

Himself : “oh no..that may not be the case, but even if the bank does inform, it would only be informing the local police and not the agents ”

and so on and on, he kept wondering.(just to give you an idea why he did not sleep.)

Today, as he was getting ready to leave the home to meet them, he remembered his chat with one of his friends a couple of months back.
His friend was on the agents list and was making fun of him during that time.

Srini : “Hey, just be cool and answer whatever questions they ask you with plain truth, and do not over react. Sometimes they can even put you in prison for no reason and they might take your hearing after six months !”

His Friend : “what ? they will take my ear ring after six months ??? why ? I dont have an ear ring , first of all ?

Srini : “Hey come on, HEARING man, not the ear ring ! you already are over-reacting..haahhaa yeah they will take your ear ring, do you want to know what else they can take off from you ??? haahhaa haahaa”

His Friend : “Hey come on, stop it man, when they come after you, then you will know”

He kept thinking about it (is it this guy who made me in the list ?) as he walked towards the agents in the public place.

(To be Continued)
[The Incidents and characters mentioned here are all fictitious, It doesnt imply either you or me or that other person]

[Continued on Part 2 ]

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  1. Dawn says:

    Your writing style is very good n i really enjoyed reading this.

    what happened to srini then??

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