[ Continued from Yep…He definitely looks like him ! ]

The Agents were all in casual dress. (yeah why would they have to let the public know who they are!).
They introduced themselves to Srini and started asking questions.

Bob : “So you work for this company and you say you develop softwares, isnt it ?”

Srini : “Yes sir…sorry..yes officer, but can I ask you something, before I answer your questions ?”

Bob was just staring at Srini and Bill came closer and told “yeah go ahead !”

Srini : “I am not sure if I can ask this or not, can I…Can I see your ID card ?”

“Oh Sure, Srini ” They said, showing their IDs and Srini took a quick look at them.

Srini : “ok..yeah ok. let me answer your question. I work for the company for the past 3 years”

Bob : “you know there is a guy, living next door to you (he tells his name), have you ever talked with him ? do you know anything about him ?”

Srini was kind of relieved as Bob comes to the point straight and also because he realised he is not in their list.

His voice gained some strength now and he said, “I havent talked to him except a hello, or good morning here and there. Is he doing anything bad ? do I need to be concerned ?”

Bob : “No..No..you dont need to be concerned. it is just that his car was seen in some doubtful places…and we do inquire atleast two of his neighbors before we go meet him directly. thats it. this is just an usual thing.”

Srini is completely relieved now and he said “oh yeah…” with a sigh.

and then they talked for some more general things, exchanged their business cards and just when they were ready to leave, Srini asked this question.

Srini : “and by the way, Bill was mentioning I definitely look like him, what is that all about ?”

Bill started to laugh a bit and then calmed down.
Bill : “You dont look like any suspect. Just before meeting you, we met your brother in your house.
He said you will be looking like him almost. thats all”.

[The End]

[The Incidents and characters mentioned here are all fictitious, It doesnt imply either you or me or that other person]

4 Responses to “Yep…He definitely looks like him ! part 2”

  1. Dawn says:

    Is that all??

    I expected something more exciting…
    You should not have kept us wait for so long.

    Any Way..
    Your story telling technique is really good


  2. Sadish says:

    Thanks ‘Dawn’ for reading it and thanks for your comments.

    That ending was so disappointing !? was it quite unexpected ?
    Let me see what others think about it !

  3. Prabha Raj says:

    It’s lilke a flower pot fire work.

  4. Ok kali…
    This is way beyond disppointment. You should given punch to the joke with some comedy..Stupid srini and bro.

    Good with carrying the story line…

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