Posted in December, 2005

Just like every other year, this one also brought good and bad things to us.

Whatever that comes to our way, either good or bad,
we should be facing it as an opportunity to learn more about life and its purpose.

I am trying to recall the good and bad things from 2005.

The Lush Theme

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Typo, is a blogging software and they had just concluded a theme contest. I liked the Lush theme, especially the sidebar, and I imported that to my theme on this website. Check out all the themes at

Fauna Theme

Filed under Usual has released its theme called Fauna, and it is really good that I am testing it out here.

Molly has written a good article explaining the anatomy of an XHTML Document. Good to Learn.

You might have noticed that this website has been down for more than ten days.

Not just this website, all my other websites were all down, because has disabled all my websites.

Finally, I was able to contact someone from that company and I was told that my account is locked because they received web server attacks through the xmlrpc.php file I had.