Reason for the downtime !

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You might have noticed that this website has been down for more than ten days.

Not just this website, all my other websites were all down, because has disabled all my websites.

Finally, I was able to contact someone from that company and I was told that my account is locked because they received web server attacks through the xmlrpc.php file I had.

Basically, what happened is, I have my other websites like and, running under WordPress 1.5
I never upgraded them to WordPress 1.5.2
Presumably, WordPress 1.5 has this file xmlrpc.php, which can be used to attack your website.
WP has fixed this issue in their WP 1.5.2 version.

I told the people, that I will upgrade to the latest WP, or atleast I will remove this file from my installation.
Only then, They have re-enabled this website (and other websites).

So, Folks, if you are running a previous version of WP, it is time to upgrade !

Meanwhile, We had the first Snow-Storm for this season yesterday. The leftovers are still there, but again we are expecting the next snow tonight.
If it reaches a feet high, I might stay at home and will soon update you some snow pictures.

5 Responses to “Reason for the downtime !”

  1. Mark says:

    You may want to come check us out over here at the following URL, as we are sorry that you have been on downtime as you were, we will ensure to you that you will not see that on our Network of over 900+ servers so please feel free to see for yourself.


    Mark Sales Manager

  2. Sadish says:

    Thanks Mark.

    I will come to you, once I am complete the current hosting plan I have.

  3. TreeFrog says:

    Terrific Blog you have. Peace Out.

  4. John says:

    hey, that sucks that they did that to you, and even though it was awhile ago when they did I hope you still get this.
    I recently just found your website and was reading through the pages and found myself here. I’m glad I didnt go with, because I was checking them out before I actually settled down with I think if you didnt switch servers yet you should def. check them out. I’ve been hosted before on sites like (just from browsing around it, I could tell you I personally wouldnt go there) and, and I got my accounts terminated because my site started becoming semi popular.

    through my expirence I’ve realized to look for hosting companies that actually have from the basics (shared servers) all the way up to collacations only because you know then that they are for real. I’m currently on one of’s dedicated server and I love it, and have been very pleased with the customer support. you should def. give them a look sometime down the road, because a site like your wordpress themes site will prolly kick off, and you’re gonna need a host that wont mess around with you.

    sorry for the long comment, I was just sharing what I have learned from switching hosting companies all the time.