Now that you are married,
you are allowed to have __________ and _________

One Lady doctor was telling me, when I visited them recently.

Can you fill in the blanks ? Let me see your creativity.

Updated Feb 4 2006.
I am closing down the comments on this one.
Raj Coimbatore was very funny.
Lavannya wrote exactly what I heard from the doctor.
Thanks everyone for showing your creative part. ! 🙂
You all made this post an interesting read !

12 Responses to “Now that you are married…”

  1. Jo says:

    *Regrets* and *sleeping pills*.

    From a bachelor.

  2. lavannya says:

    *SEX* and *Children*

    This one i’ve been told often by doctors!

  3. Gangadhar says:

    *Children* AND *Not allowed to have sex outside marriage”*

  4. Sadish says:

    Thanks Guys / Gal.

    it is getting really interesting.
    I was sure this will post will attract many people.
    Let me see.

  5. amit ranjan says:

    ‘motherinlaw’ & ‘sisterinlaw’

  6. Rookie says:

    Nightmares about WifE… & Dreams about EX Life!!

  7. “BELLY” and “BABY”

  8. Gangadhar says:

    @Raj Coimbatore ha ha ha

  9. Mist says:


  10. abs says:

    ‘only a WIFE & an ULCER’


  11. vinu says:

    @Raj – really creative and obvious 😉

    and yeah ‘belly’ n ‘Baby’ is BB (wife – made from first letters of the words … ;-o)

  12. Joey says:

    Soup and more soup.

    By the way, your theme ‘Fasttrack’ is awesome. We modified it for use in the blog of our podcast (which launches tomorrow) – you can see it here.