How do I thank this guy ?

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First of all, he does not even know me at all.
But he got inspired by my MistyLook theme and wrote a post on his site, appreciating me.
There had been some appreciations from various people every now and then, but this one moved me. I feel proud, happy and satisfied and I thank him back for his kind words.

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  1. You don’t mate, did you know you are the first one to leave comment? Its great what you are doing bro. Keep it up, I will check back your site(s) regularly..

  2. Sajiv says:

    Like your themes they are good, btw how do you tweak WP themes for blogsome ?

    I had read tutorial by some guy but it wasnt clear

  3. Kelly says:

    Sadish is amazing. I am using one of his free template’s “Misty 101″…love it. But, the amazing thing is Sadish’s committment to it and to those who use it…his “customer service” (note: this is a free template!) is au par! He blows me away. What a wonderful person! Thanks, Sadish.

  4. Michael says:

    Just food for thought, with all these themes you have created, it would be nice if they carried over too bbpress also , there forum software.

    Just a thought/suggestion


  5. Banwari says:


    Thanks a lot for the wonderful theme ‘Misty Look’. I had tweaked it a bit in order to adapt it as per my site’s theme. It’s really cool. Keep the good work up. 🙂

  6. Kimberley says:

    I too, want to thank you… it brings new inspiration. I was also more than pleased and surprised to see all my favorite colours in the banner photo! Lovely! Lovely!

    Thank you.

  7. Kimberley says:

    correction from previous post: I meant “header photo”

  8. 8string says:

    Accept the compliment like you will when your child is complemented. Not much to do but say thanks when someone does something like that (at least in our culture). Your design is like your child. Anyway, I too want to thank you for your great clean look to Mistylook. Hope I’ve done it justice…

  9. Quamela says:

    I chose your Misty Look theme as well. I looked ove,r all the available themes, but when I saw yours, I knew immediately that it was the exact one that was the match for my personality. So I clicked on your name to thank you, and felt this post was the proper place to leave a few lines of gratitude. It is beautiful beyond words. I dont think that I could ever find another that I would use to replace it..Some things are just perfect, so I have no plans to search further.

    My compliments and thanks to you, for such a beautiful and peaceful picture. It makes me feel so tranquil every time I look at it. You have wonderful taste in art.

    I see you have a beautiful new baby. My best wishes for you and your beautiful family. Kindest Regards, Quamela

  10. Sadish says:

    Thanks Guys and Gals for your comments. It motivates me enough to keep up the work.


  11. jillbee says:

    Dear Sadish,
    Thank you so much for the Misty theme in wordpress. I’m attempting to help a friend customize it for her healing practice. Is it possible to have the header image be different on each page? I’m not sure how. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks! jill

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