iPhone Price DropApple’s CEO Steve Jobs announced a $200 price drop on their product “iPhone” within 66 days from its launch.

As an iPhone owner, I already know that they will be dropping the price, but I never expected that it will happen so soon. I was having mixed feelings yesterday.

I saw mixed reactions from the people at websites like gizmodo.com or macrumors.com. Those who have bought the iPhones for $600 were crying for their apparent loss and those who never bought the thing were all happy about that.

Anyone who bought the iPhone within the last 14 days can get the $200 discount from Apple, but I was thinking about the frustration of people who bought the iPhone just 15 days ago.
They are not eligible for the $200 discount from apple, as they exceeded the 14 day return policy. They would be really disappointed, isn’t it ?

Also many of the people who bought the phone during the past 2 months are loyal fanboys to Apple and disappointing them would be bad as well.

As per the policy, Apple does not have to care. If the same thing happens to some other company, they would not care as well.
but Apple made a move yesterday, I would say it is very clever, to give $100 back to those early adopters as a store credit.
Steve Jobs with the iPhoneNow, with that, they have achieved a lot of things in one shot.
1. Apple got their reputation and they showed that they care.
2. They are now making those people to spend that extra $100 again at the Apple store.
3. Since most of the products are above $100, people would spend more money at Apple again and this way they get a bigger market share.

I would say it is a very clever move from Apple. Good Work Apple !

5 Responses to “Good Move Apple!”

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  2. FotoBlog says:

    399 $ is a good price for 8 GB IPhone and Steve Jobs moves better on every new product!

  3. fun quiz guy says:

    True its a good move, given that apple is bidding for 700Mhz bandwidth, you can expect them to eying for something big now.

  4. sam says:

    Good priced, but not available in india.

  5. I bought two phones one for me and one for my wife at a total cost of $1,200 and just few weeks later the price dropped $200. I was very unhappy, nevertheless, I lived through it and claimed my 2x$100 dollar rebate from apple and upgraded our computers to os x leopard with the money.

    I’m still very unhappy, technologically speaking, with the iPhone. As a real estate agent, I’m very demanding on the kid of data my phone can handle and I just hate the fact that I cannot download email attachments to my phone. I’m also unable to edit word or excel documents although I can view them just fine. The iPhone also lacks the ability to copy/paste, a very big problem in my opinion.

    I love the touch screen and all the iPod functions of the phone and I just hope that Apple would work some of the issues I have mentioned with their future software updates.

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