I recently came across this illusion.

spinning girl
The Right Brain / Left Brain Test

The image looks different for each person that sees it. I was watching it with my wife and we saw different things at the same time.
I still do not know how it works. If you know, please share your views.

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  1. Sarav says:

    🙂 This is amazing!! First I saw clockwise. After looking for a few minutes and after looking at the shadow, my view changed to anti clockwise. But I couldn’t see the picture clockwise again!!
    Good stuff!!

  2. tati says:

    when you think about anything related to arts, movies bla bla it turns right
    when you do math or things like this in your mind, it turns left
    lol just got here looking for a wp theme and saw this image i got on my email last week telling how it worked

  3. I found that if I spin my finger at the same time it’s changes the way I see the woman spinning. I kept looking my finger while it spinned and the same change happened to the figure….

  4. Hey man… you know what’s funny? I read the comment first and I am an art student so i automatically saw it spin clockwise. Then I thought lets see if I can cheat it and I automatically felt a shift in balance, and I saw it rotating anticlockwise.

  5. Mark says:

    Your mind fills in the missing “frames”. If you have read a cartoon “graphic novel” you never see the action, only the beginning and end. Your mind fills in the blank area (the gutter). In the case of the cartoon, it’s obvious what is going on in the gutter. Not so much in the image you posted. Because the spin is a mirror image of it’s self (note the leg positions at the farthest point out and right before the leg crosses over the median).

    Due to a lack of reference points, the mind has to decided which way the “body” is spinning. Even though we all know, the object is not a real dancer, the mind stills tries to “fill in the blanks”.

    This is why people think positively or negatively. Training one way or the other, and the mind filling in the blanks.

  6. Muthu says:

    That’s amazing. I was able to see it first spinning on the right side and i tried to get that on the left side. After few blinks, i got that turning on the other way.

    But interesting….

  7. Raj says:

    This is ridiculous…
    What is this THEORY and where did you get this..
    Everybody I showed this pic. to.. were logical..

  8. Sadish says:

    No Raj. While I see her turning clockwise, my wife was seeing her spinning anti clockwise at the same time.
    Next time when we meet, we should probably show it to a bunch of people and see how it works.


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