Recently one of my colleagues was talking about this new feature in GMail.
Apparently it existed since October 2008, but I only heard about it yesterday.

What it does?
It prevents you from sending an email when you are drunk, there by helping you stop sending email that you would regret later.


Yes, if you enable this feature, whenever you send email on late hours, GMail would ask you to solve a math question.
no more emails when drunk
If you do not answer it right, your email will not be sent and will just end up in the Drafts section.

What is on your wishlist? what do you want your GMail to do?

6 Responses to “Interesting feature in GMail”

  1. la.stefi says:

    I just stopped to say I like your themes!
    By the way, is that in your header a picture of New York’s Lincoln Tunnel?


  2. Sadish says:

    Thanks la.stefi. I think this tunnel is somewhere in Washington, but I am sure it is not the Lincoln tunnel.

  3. TJ Roberts says:

    Sadish,well done I lke Misty look theme.That Gmail is a good tool for those that sound off with emotions and say,opps to late.Ha HA.Keep up the good work,Im getting ready to show Pannu some homes monday.



  4. This is a hilarious, albeit useful, feature. Though, if you’re a pretty good hand at math (or if you have a calculator handy), I’m not sure how much it will stop you.

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