I got this through an email forwarded to me.
Just take a look at the image below and count the number of persons you see on the image. Wait for a few seconds and the image will realign. Try counting the number of persons again. Was it 12 or 13?
12 or 13
I have not yet figured this out yet, but if you have found it already, please post it a comment.

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  1. teatime says:

    When there are 13 persons every one of them is slightly shorter than the 12 persons where. In short: there are 12 complete persons but you can take a slice of each one and combine those slices to form an additional person. This mechanism is much easier to understand if you draw lines instead of persons … the sum of all lengths stays the same.

    cheers, teatime

  2. Jim says:

    Look at the guy on the left…. When their are 12 he is complete. When there are 13 he is incomplete… No scalp… He’s not accountable for completing the picture half the time.

  3. image hosting scripts says:

    This is nice How did you learn this stuff?

  4. Prakash says:

    and here comes…. the beautiful explaination…. 🙂


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