My brother, Saravanan Balasubramanian wrote on his facebook page.

I could use my HD camcorder to capture the green fields and share it in YouTube in no time.
But it really feels different seeing it with the fresh smell of the green fields.
How do I capture it?

To which I added the following comment.

That’s when you realize God has given a device(your own body) that can see, talk, smell, feel, memorize, repeat etc.
We seldom take care of it while we are busy looking at all these cool gadgets and keep wondering what magical device will Steve unveil next.

Your body is your device, that god gave it to you. Are you taking good care of it? Post your thoughts by commenting below.

3 Responses to “God gave a gadget to you!”

  1. Bobby Dodd says:

    Hello, I am currently using one of the themes you designed and it is perfect except I was wondering if you might be able to tell me if I can modify the css code that would allow me to change the color of the post titles from green to the red used on in my custom header at

    Thanks so much for your time and amazing work!

    – Bobby

  2. Piter says:

    You created MistyLook.
    You should change one thing.
    Please, do it.
    In category yuo should display hierarchy but on demand.
    In first look it shuld have count of all subcategories.
    In front of category shoul be plus.
    If user want to see subcategories, he cliks plus and in window all subcategories are shown.
    Now, when all subcategories are shown its is very dificult to find soemthing.

  3. I am working on improving a incredibly mediocre website for a small charity. I like the Misty Look, but I want to be able to put 3 square (more or less) photos across the top. Is it possible to modify the horizontal photo? If not, do you have any other free themes that would let me do that? Your photo is lovely, just not Kenyan.

    Your comments about taking care of ourselves started me thinking. We Americans obsess about taking care of ourselves – diet, exercise, doctor, dentist…while millions – billions? – never see a doctor or dentist in their lives and are thankful for a meal a day. Perhaps the deeper question is not whether we take care of ourselves, but whether, on a global level, we take care of each other. What do you think?

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