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Recently, I started seeing facebook posts that looks like ‘spam posts’ such as ‘this person read an article’ or ‘that person watched a video’ etc.
Even if you report them as spam to facebook, you would still see them in your news feed, because facebook thinks they are legitimate.
so what is going on? Why does FB thinks it is not spam? how will you protect your own Privacy? Read on to find out…

This is a story of my experiences with an Android phone after being an iPhone customer for so long.

God gave it to you. Are you taking good care of it?

My observations while testing out the iPad for 2 weeks.

Cars are not the only ones that are recalled by their makers!

A quote I read at the entrance to a Church, on my way to drop my daughter at school.
Interesting, isn’t it?

what do you think about the Zen Story on this post?

After what seems to be a long and cold winter season, we only started getting warmer this week. Yesterday was one of those beautiful days with the temperature around 74* F. I was driving back to home from work and it was around 5 O clock in the evening. The road was clear and there […]

Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs announced a $200 price drop on their product “iPhone” within 66 days from its launch. As an iPhone owner, I already know that they will be dropping the price, but I never expected that it will happen so soon. I was having mixed feelings yesterday. I saw mixed reactions from the […]

I have been thinking of writing about this stuff, since the day my daughter was born, but never got around to actually putting it down. I noticed this at the Labor and Delivery room, in the hospital here in the US. The head-nurse, who was supposed to be helping my wife with the delivery, had […]

I see a trend with the Indian people around here in the US. Recently I started noticing it and I do not quite understand why? When it comes to naming the children, most of them choose the name that starts with an ‘A’. I am seeing names like Anish, Ashley etc., being given to kids […]

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