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I always thought I should write simple blog posts, just for introducing people about the Apps that I like the most.
Recently I started a website called Apps 2 Try, just for that purpose.

If you guys know Tamil, you could see my blog in Tamil at “Kirukkals” in Tamil means “Scribbles”. I always wanted to keep both this blog and my Tamil blog up to date, I had not been doing it lately. I will try to put at least one post a month from now onwards. […]

You already upgraded your browser to IE 7, but you want to see how people are seeing your website when they browse from IE 6. It is made easy through this website. IE NetRenderer. Check it out !

Some of my websites like WP Themes, WP Theme Park, WP Theme Support by Sadish are currently down from yesterday evening. is the one hosting it and I already sent them an email. These sites will be back soon. Update 4: October 13th 2007 7 AM WP Theme Park is back online. Update 3: […]