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I got this on an email forwarded to me.
Just take a look at the image below and count the number of persons you see on the image. Wait for a few seconds and the image will realign. Try counting the number again. Was it 12 or 13?

A Plane crashed into the Hudson River in NY, and all the people were saved.

Recently one of my colleagues was talking about this new feature in GMail. Apparently it existed since October 2008, but I only heard about it yesterday. What it does? It prevents you from sending an email when you are drunk, there by helping you stop sending email that you would regret later. What??? Yes, if […]

After what seems to be a long and cold winter season, we only started getting warmer this week. Yesterday was one of those beautiful days with the temperature around 74* F. I was driving back to home from work and it was around 5 O clock in the evening. The road was clear and there […]

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I recently came across this illusion. The Right Brain / Left Brain Test. The image looks different for each person that sees it. I was watching it with my wife and we saw different things at the same time. I still do not know how it works. If you know, please share your views.

As many of you know, I sell some of my premium wordpress themes at WP Theme Shop and people can pay for the theme using Paypal and download the theme immediately. If a fraudulent person knows someone’s paypal user id and password, they can use it and download the theme. Since they entered the right […]