Some of my websites like WP Themes, WP Theme Park, WP Theme Support by Sadish are currently down from yesterday evening. is the one hosting it and I already sent them an email. These sites will be back soon.
Update 4: October 13th 2007 7 AM

WP Theme Park is back online.

Update 3: October 11th 2007 9 PM

WP Theme Support by Sadish forums is back online.

Update 2: October 11th 2007 9 AM

After a lot of emails back and forth, I was able to get the backup file as of Sep 30th 2007 and restored my WP Themes website back up and running.
To get my other websites also online, I need to get a “Virtual Private Server” and I am in the process of doing it.

Update 1: October 5th 2007

It seems that my websites receive a lot of traffic and since it is on a shared server, it is affecting the performance of other sites on the same server.
They have decided to move my sites to a different server and now I have to sign up for “dedicated server” plan with them in order to get my sites up again.
I have never been informed about their decision to move the account to a dedicated server and all of a sudden they do this.
I find it ridiculous. how about you? what I should do now?

iPhone Price DropApple’s CEO Steve Jobs announced a $200 price drop on their product “iPhone” within 66 days from its launch.

As an iPhone owner, I already know that they will be dropping the price, but I never expected that it will happen so soon. I was having mixed feelings yesterday.

I saw mixed reactions from the people at websites like or Those who have bought the iPhones for $600 were crying for their apparent loss and those who never bought the thing were all happy about that.

Anyone who bought the iPhone within the last 14 days can get the $200 discount from Apple, but I was thinking about the frustration of people who bought the iPhone just 15 days ago.
They are not eligible for the $200 discount from apple, as they exceeded the 14 day return policy. They would be really disappointed, isn’t it ?

Also many of the people who bought the phone during the past 2 months are loyal fanboys to Apple and disappointing them would be bad as well.

As per the policy, Apple does not have to care. If the same thing happens to some other company, they would not care as well.
but Apple made a move yesterday, I would say it is very clever, to give $100 back to those early adopters as a store credit.
Steve Jobs with the iPhoneNow, with that, they have achieved a lot of things in one shot.
1. Apple got their reputation and they showed that they care.
2. They are now making those people to spend that extra $100 again at the Apple store.
3. Since most of the products are above $100, people would spend more money at Apple again and this way they get a bigger market share.

I would say it is a very clever move from Apple. Good Work Apple !

As many of you know, I sell some of my premium wordpress themes at WP Theme Shop and people can pay for the theme using Paypal and download the theme immediately.

If a fraudulent person knows someone’s paypal user id and password, they can use it and download the theme. Since they entered the right user id and password, no one knows if this was entered by a fraud, and they can safely run away with the theme.

Now, that someone realizes this transaction is not done by him and disputes it with PayPal. Paypal is always on the buyer’s side and they pull the money from my account and give it back to the buyer and then everyone is happy !

Wait !

1. Paypal is happy as their only job is satisfy the buyer. Their Seller Protection Policy covers only products that can shipped. They do not cover intangible goods [like in this case, a wordpress theme].
2. The buyer is happy as he got his money back.
3. The fraud is happy as he got one of my premium themes without paying a penny and without getting caught.

but I am still at a loss here.
How do I prevent this from happening again? Please throw in your ideas to solve this issue.

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Beware of these Paypal Payments !

Pownce has opened up for new signups, without an invite !
Go ahead and Enjoy !

Pownce is a way to send messages, files, links, and events to your friends and I should add “quick way”. Right now, only people with an Invite can sign up and try it.

Thanks to Om Malik, I was able to enter and now it is my turn to invite you guys and gals into it.

If you want an invite, let me know by writing a comment here.

You could call me an Apple Fanboy, if you learned that I could not resist the temptation to buy the iPhone on its launch day [yesterday] within a few hours from 6PM.

Its a really really amazing toy that I am exploring right now!

I have been thinking of writing about this stuff, since the day my daughter was born, but never got around to actually putting it down.

I noticed this at the Labor and Delivery room, in the hospital here in the US. The head-nurse, who was supposed to be helping my wife with the delivery, had to go to a computer terminal every 10 minutes to log the events happening at the delivery room.
I took a quick peek at the terminal and watched her writing comments like “mom is pushing hard, husband standing by the side and encouraging” and stuff similar to that.

Every time she comes around and shouts “1, 2, 3 PUSH”, spends a few minutes and goes back to the computer, feeding data.
She was doing this even after the delivery, inputting height / weight and other details of the new born.

and the other thing is, the hospital had introduced a new system in place, and this nurse took a long time to figure out how things work in this new system and believe it or not, she did all the typing with her index finger, looking at the keyboard and monitor making sure when she types “A”, the monitor displays “A”.

My questions is “WHY ???”

Whose fault is this ? is it the hospital that makes these old nurses [less comfortable with operating a computer] to do this whole data entry ? or is it the way we are all heading now, focussing more on technology and forgetting the real humane value.?

While doing all these new technology, we are totally lost on the basic duty of the nurse. isnt it?

Where are we heading ?

I happened to see this funny Ad for McDonalds at MSN SoapBox.

Lets see if I am able to embed the player on this site and play it.
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With Immense Pleasure, I announce the arrival of my first child, Nivedhana G Sadish. She was born on October 25th 2006 at 10:27 AM.

Both the mom and the child are doing good.

We Thank everyone for your wishes.

First of all, he does not even know me at all.
But he got inspired by my MistyLook theme and wrote a post on his site, appreciating me.
There had been some appreciations from various people every now and then, but this one moved me. I feel proud, happy and satisfied and I thank him back for his kind words.

Symphony – a web authoring software, previously offered for $50 is now FREE.
You can go to and register yourself and download the installer.

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