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This is a story of my experiences with an Android phone after being an iPhone customer for so long.

My observations while testing out the iPad for 2 weeks.

if you have a few minutes of your time, check out the following article, it is very informative.
The Apple Tablet Interface Must Be Like This!

This video shows the marketing pitch of Apple Inc.

I always thought I should write simple blog posts, just for introducing people about the Apps that I like the most.
Recently I started a website called Apps 2 Try, just for that purpose.

Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs announced a $200 price drop on their product “iPhone” within 66 days from its launch. As an iPhone owner, I already know that they will be dropping the price, but I never expected that it will happen so soon. I was having mixed feelings yesterday. I saw mixed reactions from the […]

You could call me an Apple Fanboy, if you learned that I could not resist the temptation to buy the iPhone on its launch day [yesterday] within a few hours from 6PM. Its a really really amazing toy that I am exploring right now!